How Music Influences the Development and Intelligence of Children

“All highly intelligent people are not necessarily musical, but all highly musical people are apparently highly intelligent.” [Desmond Sergeant and Gillian Thatcher]


Although research does not show clearly that listening and creating music directly influences intelligence, it definitely shows improvement in certain brain functions.

Children who attend music classes and listen to music show greater abilities to solve problems and puzzles associated with logical reasoning. They often find unconventional solutions that most non-musical children do not see. In addition, listening to music combined with playing the instrument helps in the development of movement coordination and memory.


Children who attend group classes, learn to open up themselves through music in front of other children, which greatly builds self-confidence and a sense of acceptance in society.


You probably heard that children of musicians are mostly musically talented as well. Have you ever wondered why?

Of course, you can put it on genes, but hardly anyone wonders how much time per day such a child is surrounded by music. Already in the pregnancy period, it experiences a great dose of rhythmic lessons (mom’s heartbeat) and music when mom listens to music, sings, or performs during pregnancy.


Listening to music is a great preparation for a child before he/she starts taking music lessons. Children shape their musical taste and learn to justify their choice: what song they like and why, what song they don’t like, and what causes this feeling. They start using adjectives such as: calm, too loud, too sad, too cheerful – these adjectives are the first feelings of a child towards music.


Elk jaar financieren we lessen voor kinderen uit kansarme gezinnen.

Door zelfs een klein bedrag te doneren, kunt u bijdragen aan de muzikale educatie van één kind. Het leren van muziek is niet alleen leuk om te doen; het ondersteunt het welzijn van kinderen, houdt hen bezig en weg van de straat, leert hen discipline en vastberadenheid, en helpt hen angsten te overwinnen, uit hun comfortzone te stappen en zelfvertrouwen op te bouwen.

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